Writing An Awesome Blog Post – Top Tips

You might be asking, how does one go about writing a fantastic blog post? There are several different factors that affect how “fantastic” a blog post comes out. Blog posts are easily one of the most important parts of your blog. Below you will learn about five great steps that will help result in you making a fantastic blog post.

Be Relevant and Informative

One of the first steps to a great blog post is when one creates such a post, one needs to take into consideration whether the information is relevant and informative. For example, if your blog is geared towards weight loss, it would be irrelevant and not informative if you talked about fine dining. A reader who has all the information they want within a click would be far more likely to return to your blog than a site which babbles on or withholds information until the end of the article. Image result for Writing An Awesome Blog Post – Top Tips

Keep Posts Short, Sweet and Simple

Keeping posts short, sweet and simple. When a reader lands on an article, you basically have ten seconds to impress the reader. This means creating a nice introduction, a colorful image rich post and a straight-forward easy to read article.

It would also help if you try to explain your idea the simplest way possible, not necessarily over-simplifying the topic, but just allowing a broader range of people to understand what your blog posts are about.

Create Catchy Headlines

A great catchy headline is more likely to attract potential readers. You want your headline to describe what the article is about, but try to seduce the reader into visiting the website link usually by thinking up some great adjectives to throw in addition to the main theme of the article.

Proof-Read and Rid Bad Grammar

Proof-read! One big turnoff is a blog that has horrendous grammar or typos. This part is crucial especially if you are writing a blog that is pretty niche or requires technical understanding.

Having good structure, grammar and spelling shows sophistication, class and quality, which means you are more likely to retain the attention of your readers.

Find an Editor

Lastly, have someone else proof-read your article. Getting advice from more than just one person increases the range of the article as well as giving it a very fresh perspective. This also allows errors to be spotted or improvements made if any are possible. Your readers will also more likely want to read your articles because there would be more substance and variety.

Go Forth & Write!

Writing a blog post is, at times, not easy. Now that you have an idea of what makes a fantastic blog post, go forth and start writing.

Remember that humor and conciseness are more likely to attract and retain readers as opposed to throwing a whole heap of facts without any sort of personality in your posts whatsoever

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