Webcasts Are Revolutionizing The Art of Video Marketing

Getting your marketing message out is easier than ever with the aid of technology. Not very long ago, sending out video messages required immense resources. Now, small and mid-size marketers enjoy the power of broadcast video without the huge expense. Webcast live software makes the logistics of reaching your intended audience a snap. You now only have to concern yourself with delivering premium content.

The Power of Live TV Without The Huge Investment

A webcast is like a traditional television broadcast in many ways. Broadband internet and software developers have put the power of a television station in the hands of those with modest means. The video producer decides whether to present the material as a pre-recorded or live event. Pre-recording the video helps to achieve a more controlled message, but the spontaneity of a live video will invariably generate more buzz. Whether you choose to record or take the plunge and go live, make sure to include plenty useful material not available readily to your viewers from another source. Nothing builds excitement in your audience like the promise of something new, but be sure you deliver the goods. Plan your webcast around some unreleased product information or news to maximize its effectiveness. Do not make a mistake many rookies do of repackaging old, well-known information into a video and trying to present it as new. Most audiences are too sophisticated for that ploy to work, and it will only tarnish your reputation.

Do not get a webcast event confused with a webinar. The two are similar, but the differences are important. The type of program that would use webinar software relies on audience participation to make it useful. Polling and interactive questions from the audience drive the content of most webinars. Webcast live software requires that the creators plan the video in such a way that it generates excitement on its own since there will not be any, or much, audience participation. Video marketers will sometimes get around this slight limitation by including a live audience to interact with the show hosts. The virtual audience gets the feeling of participation even though only vicariously.

Reach Your Audience Where They Live, Work And Play

While television marketers were content with getting their messages into people’s living rooms, today’s video advertisers have the power to get into their customer’s homes, their offices and even their pockets. Seeing regular webcast containing useful information will usually, over time, build a sense of recognition and trust in the mind of the viewer. Cell phones, tablets and the growing list of other personal computing devices attract the undivided attention of users from all walks of life. By capturing the intended audience’s attention long enough for them to hear your message you will nearly always ensure a rise in your revenue. Research shows that people generally respond more favorably to video messages than to written material. Webcast live software can give you the power to intimately converse with your prospects in a way few other media can. The excitement of a live event and the close personal connection people have with their devices go a long way toward helping you get the most for your marketing budget.

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