SEO on Instagram: Using Social Media as a Search Engine

The popularity of Instagram now means even companies that are commodity or photography driven are now embracing the platform. This automatically means that creativity has to be at an all-time high. What could make an Instagram marketing strategy even more appealing is a search engine optimization strategy. Google, the biggest search engine in the world now ranks social media pages among its organic results. More importantly, though, the social media platforms themselves, what with their search capabilities and results pages can also be effectively considered search engines.A good strategy must involve the following;

Thinking outside the Instagram box

The reach and huge potential that Instagram offers is often the main thing that brings businesses to the platform. However, as one starts, it is important for them to realize that Instagram connects to other social media platforms, and leveraging these connections can boost the reach of the business. Most businesses come into Instagram with a Facebook and Twitter account already running. If they can connect and keep their Instagram accounts consistent with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, then they will not only improve their engagement but also grow sales. For many people, a consistent image gives the impression of a trustworthy business. When customers feel like they can trust the brand from the messages it sends, then it is easy for them to be turned into customers.


Return on investment

The days of blind investment in social media are gone. When social media marketing became mainstream and acceptable, executives began demanding for progress reports and proof that investments in those Instagram likes and followers were truly beneficial to the business. The need for a return on investment report is more than just something that executives demand. For the business owner, it is important to know what works and what does not resonate with one’s audience. This helps when fine tuning one’s strategy going forward. Return on investment reports on Instagram include details on;

The posts that resonate with clients

Posts that get the most likes, comments and re-posts
Followers being gained or lost
Keeping up with information concerning such aspects as what time of day posts have the biggest impact, the engagement numbers per month, the quality of the community and the nature of content might be difficult. Luckily, there are tools that can simplify this for any account manager.

Stand out

Instagram has an in app camera that most people use with their smartphones, especially if they have a top of the range phone. Filters can then be applied to these photos to make them more appealing. Still, nothing beats the allure of a well taken original photo. Stand out from the rest of the competition by hiring a photographer. It might seem more expensive, but given the proliferation of tools available online, finding quality photos could actually be much cheaper than most people. Another clever technique is to use the services of a promising up-coming photographer. They most likely will have an Instagram account, so one can propose a mutual benefit agreement where each tags the other in their photos and posts.

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