How to sell your design ideas to your clients

The visual appeal of a website makes the user decide whether to stay or to leave- it’s as simple as that. Designing eye catchy elements that guide users through pages and thus establishing a visual spark is not everyone’s cup of tea. Truly inspired ideas are hard to come by. Years of hard work and creativity is put through and is finally paid off when one successfully sells off his/her ideas to a potential customer.

Failed words and arguments cannot sell a design no matter how creative your brainchild is. You need to prove they can bring immediate benefits to the business. Establishing a common language with your clients is instrumental in finding your feet. Here are a few guidelines that can help designers, especially freelancers, to sell design ideas better, and above all, establish a common language with their clients.

Become a salesman to your client

One common belief that every designer upholds is to assume that your client is as interested as you in learning and understanding your design. The only thing that bothers your client is nothing but knowing how your design will earn them money!

Therefore, while conversing with your clients develop a Q&A style of approach that answers the questions they already have in mind, thus developing an easy rapport.

Avoid jargons

Consider your clients to be a bunch of curious kids exploring the know-how of designing. Not every client might be interested in knowing the technical aspects of your design. So conversing in a jargonized language might spoil the chances of nurturing a good deal as it fogs their understanding of your design. Explain your ideas as to the understanding of any layman.

Post a Blog

The easiest way to reach out to potential clients is by publishing high quality articles on your personal blog. Since you are a web designer, it is expected of you to design a cool interface for your blog and then start posting informative articles that people are going to share within their community.

Be all ears to your clients

Forge a connection with your clients. Learn to sift through words spoken by them. Understand ideas and goals of the project which is not explicitly put forward by them. It earns one respect and also a belief that your recommendations would be relevant to your client’s needs.

A well informed background research

If you are a freelancer, take some time and do a well learned research on the basics of effective communication and sales. This will definitely open your eyes and make you better understand how to communicate and sell your ideas to very different kinds of people. A good research will also help you not to stutter in front of a group of intimidating executives and officials.

Point out solid evidence

Staging yourself to be a credible seller is in fact an arduous task. Unless and until you have a tagline of jobs ending up with sophisticated big shots in the field or have a statistical backing from the big players, establishing a convincing image is difficult. Putting evidence up for examination will build your reputation over time. Do not worry if you cannot substantiate your ideas. Find out successful ideas similar to yours out in the market and your clients can’t refuse not to believe you.

Put everything into the ‘big picture’

Make sure your clients do not guess what is being said but rather understand the relevance of it. Most of the executives do not have the ability to see through a design through a few sketches or words. Create a mock template of your design to convince on how great your idea looks at the very end. Your presentation must give an insight, message and benefits of adopting your idea. A well thought presentation is as important as the design itself.

Being a freelance designer takes an ample amount of time to create one’s own cozy space. Rather than solely focusing on your design ideas, develop a rapport with your clients through effective communication systems (including social media) until you carve a niche for yourself in the field.

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