How to improve your social media engagement

If you are using social media marketing, lack of engagement is very frustrating. If you keep posting every day expecting to see your audience starting to interact with you but you only end up with one or two people it hurts so much and it is so costly. Your social media marketing will not pay off if the targeted audience is not excited about what you are saying.

Using Facebook engagement trends for instance is a very popular way of analyzing how yourdigital marketing is performing. Social media marketing lets you interact with customers one on one. With it, you are able to talk directly to someone who may eventually become your customer (and then become an advocate). With such an opportunity, you will want to capitalize on the connection -Facebook engagement lets you do so easily and transparently.

There are several ways to go beyond the noise on social media platforms and interact with your audience. The first one is by stopping the scroll. The best way to get somebody to engage with your brand is to stop them from scrolling past your post. If you stop people from going down the newsfeed you will get their attention. For you to get that attention you must post things that they are interested in and something that stands out from the crowd.

The second way of improving your social media engagement is by knowing where your audience is – you need to engage with them on their terms and on their favouriteplatforms. You need to know why the people that you are targeting use the particular social media platform that you may or may not be using too. It could be that they love going through stories on Facebook; if that is the case then post content that is more authentic so that your brand is seen astrustworthy. Similarly, your target audience may prefer other platforms like instagram where they log in to see what new photos and videos their friends have posted. If this is so, then it is better to stop them from scrolling down by posting eye catching pictures. If a person sees a photo of your employees doing something fun for instance, they are more likely to stop and read what it is all about and they are likely to engage with it.

The third way of improving your social media engagement is know what your audience engages in when they are not on social media. For instance, if you are selling dog products, use a lot of dogs on your posts. You can show photos of dogs on a hike or photos of your staff playing with their dogs. Incorporating dogs will make your particular targetaiudiencestop scrolling and check out what you have to say.

The fourth way of improving your social media engagement is by being funny. People on social media want to be entertained and not to be sold to. If you ignore or forget this, you will lose the attention of your audience because they will ignore what you post. Being humorous is a very good way of to promote your business on social media while keeping your audience still engaged. If you are using Twitter engagement trends then you will learn what content to post and what type of humor works too. You never know, your brand could go viral with lots of people sharing it and tagging their friends as well.

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