Finding a Web Hosting Company of Best Fit

If you have an existing or about-to-be-launched business website, you’re probably aware of the concept of web hosting but you may be a bitfuzzy on the details. In a nutshell, hosting services make it possible for individuals, businesses and organizations to post their web pages to the internet. Web hosting companies supply the underlying technologies and technical support that allow those pages to be viewed. If you’re looking for a host for your website, here are some of the core characteristics of these types of companies to compare and consider during your search.


Web hosting companies offer a variety of plans but what makes each plan distinct? Shared hosting means multiple sites occupy a single server, while virtual private server or cloud hosting provides resources on an as-needed basis, free from the bounds of a physical server. Dedicated hosting is typically an option for high-powered sites that need a massive amount of resources and storage space. Co-located server hosting features a server that resides in a company’s data center. Whichever plan you mighthave interest in, note that each one typically comes with a different set of features and specifications that varies further from company to company.


The catalog of hosting services is wide and varied across the industry. Generally, hosting companies offer services such as file storage, email, and data transfers and backups. Another aspect of service you might wish to take into consideration is billing. Payment methods can vary greatly from company to company. Whether you prefer monthly or annual payments may have some bearing on which web hosting company you eventually choose to go with.


Alongside the hosting plan and services, support is a critical component of your website experience and success. It’s important to secure a hosting company that offers around-the-clock web support. When something goes wrong, you want to have a dedicated number to call and a person to talk to so that the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible. Many companies offer online discussion boards, knowledge bases and ticketing systems as a supplement to helpline numbers and on-call representatives.


In short, if your website is down or unavailable, you lose customers, credibility and cash.Uptime–the time during which your website is fully available and functioning—is an important aspect of hosting. Finding the company that can provide you with the maximum amount of uptime should be an important part of your search. Client reviews can be especially helpful to your research efforts in this area. It’s worth taking some time to do research on your companies of interest and see what they and their clients are stating about uptime and website availability.

While web hosting companies are numerous and vary greatly in the types of services and features they offer,you can kick off your research by first outlining your website hosting needs. Once you have this information in hand, compare and evaluatecompanies’ plans, services, support and uptime statements to see which companybest fits your needs going forward. As with any consumer research, it’s a good idea to visit company and industry websites to read client reviews.

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