How to effectively optimize for search on Bing– 7 surefire strategies

Google controls over 65% of the web search market while Bing and Yahoo do it for almost 30% of the same and thus they are still influential. You can expect them to provide you with more ways to get noticed online.

Both Bing and Yahoo are expected to have even more market share with Google’s being kicked to the curb by Firefox and making Yahoo the default search engine while Bing now powers AOL search. So you can understand the significance of Bing and Yahoo in the search market. Now it is high time that you spend time on doing optimization for Bing/Yahoo. Here are 7 outstanding tips that can help you optimize your site on Bing effectively.

Website submission – You must submit your website to Bing to be indexed there. It is the foremost step for traffic development from Bing. Simply submit the site to Bing Webmaster tools and wait until the site gets crawled. Unlike Google, Bing doesn’t update their index frequently so you don’t have to be long waiting – just be patient.Image result for How to effectively optimize for search on

Bing– 7 surefire strategies

Technical requirements – While ranking your site, Bing is focused on some technical nitty-gritty.

Page loading speed – Your web pages must have good speed

Robots.txt – This informs Bing robots what to crawl and what not

Redirects – Bing expects 301 redirects you’ve moved content between sites

Sitemap – Keep the sitemap clean and updated, eliminate any unjustified URLs

Canonical tags – This is a new concept that helps Bing determine which pages are original versus the duplicate ones

Straightforward keywords – Bing doesn’t want broad-matching keywords so at the time of optimizing just ensure that you’ve chosen the right keywords for exact ranking on its search result. There

are many online tools that would help you pick the right keyword/keywords for Bing optimization.

Effective content – This shouldn’t be a surprise. All search engines look for relevant, original and superior quality content for the purpose of better ranking. When it comes to Bing, they look for easy and transparent ways to find content that has more chance of being ranked higher than just a well-optimized one.

Utility of backlinks – Not only for Bing, backlinks play very important role in regards to all search engine rankings. On an average, 52% to 53% of the website backlinks with keywords in their anchor text rank amounnst top 30 results on Bing. So when creating backlinks, make sure you get them from legitimate sites.

Preference of going local – Bing prefers sites that have well-optimized local listing so be particular about it. Moreover, it is significant that you work on the same standards and ethics as Google to avoid the following;

Shady bankliknk tactics
Shady social networking strategy
Duplicate content
So many keywords within the content

Social media – Unlike Google, Bing has made it clear that social networking plays an important role in their ranking.
Nowadays, this has become extremely important to optimize accordingly for the search engine giants like Bing, Google and Yahoo in lieu of the key changes made with different browsers. So try to cover every base to ensure your SEO techniques include proper optimizing for all leading search engine.


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