Designers’ Checklist Before You Present to A Clientc

Client projects can be dreadful, especially when they incorporate a face-to-face meeting with them. For web designers, the task may be super daunting for most of the times they are behind the scenes. But who would explain a design better than the designer herself?

A project presentation doesn’t just include the design, there are so many things that go beside it which will make it look like a rational project proposal.

Experts inthe Toronto branding agency are always geared up for presentations like these, given they are situated in the heart of Canada. This is what they suggest should be in your designer’s arsenal for client meetings.

Read Your Client’s Profile

Before you go ahead preparing a presentation, it is best to read the client profile. A web design Toronto based agencies study the brands they pitch to, inside-out, every detail including their customers and their preferences. This is the best of all the approaches – knowing your audience beforehand. Also ensure who will be in the room when you deliver the presentation. If you know so, find out about the person in particular as well and how he/she has influenced the brand.

Create A Quality Presentation

The final presentation should reflect exactly what you are capable of, which requires quality work. Think of the lightning and visuals and how they will appear in the room you are going to present in. Keep your presentation as simple as possible. You can do so by including just one thought per slide, it would be a lot easier for the client to follow. Ensure there are no typos, any irrelevant images or other visual or text that are merely visible. This cannot be done overnight so ask for a few days in advance for the preparation.

Detail Explanation of the Design

When you are to explain your design, gather all the logical applications of it and the background as to why you chose it. Explaining some basic design knowledge won’t be tough, right? Think again, because the clients may have questions you didn’t think of so remember to explain why your design will work. Don’t forget to highlight any unique features while you are at it, that may take care of most of the questions. However, if there are any questions that you do not know the answer to, do not over promise anything, just say, “I’ll have to check on that and get back to you later.”


Practicing your pitch is vital to the success of your design presentation. So practice the speech that will go side by side with the presentation, the detail that you are going to provide for the elements in the presentation as clients visualize them. Include best practices, best examples and quality images to “Show”, and not just “Tell”, for seeing is believing. Don’t forget to stir in the excitement by connecting with the audience using ice breakers, engaging examples as you go ahead and setting the right tone in the right context.

The stress of client presentation is only valid but if you follow the checklist above, you’ll be just fine. Prepare all the elements, structure your presentation well and you’re good to go. Good luck!

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