How To Decide What Economic Topic To Choose For Research

Economics is a very popular subject for research among the students. Economics being an interesting subject is addictive for students, but, if a student wants to do research in economics, the most difficult task is to decide upon the topic of research.

Though deciding on the topic can be done through taking help from your supervisor or co-supervisor, but, these tasks can now be outsourced to professionals. The professionals can decide the topic for you depending upon your interest area in economics. For getting professional help, you can log on to

Tips to choose topic for research

  • You need to observe whatever is happening around you. It might happen that the topic is in front of you and you are not able to judge that you can do research on the topic.
  • You should select a topic on which research can be done. Do not select a topic which cannot be researched upon.
  • The research problem should be such that you are able to design the research methodology and the questionnaire which would help you to carry further your research.
  • The research paper is made by testing hypotheses. Make sure that you make hypotheses which can be tested. The hypothesis is the crucial point. A wrong hypothesis can be fatal for your research report.
  • Decide the topic according to your career goal. Economics has many different branches, so settle on a theme, according to the branch of economics you are interested in.

Suggested areas for topics of research

Here are some suggestions about the topic you can decide:

  • Scope of Economics

This includes the topics which introduce economics and its branches. You can also do research in the history and methodology of how economics is evolving and how will it improve in future.

  • Microeconomic

This branch deals with the daily life of a citizen. It might include research topics related to demand, the supply of a commodity, the pattern of the sale of a product, pricing strategy of product, profit maximization, etc.

  • Macroeconomics

This branch of economics deals with the strategies and policies of the country at a macro level. You can do research in the areas of government budgets, debts, deficits, fiscal policies.

  • International Economics

International economics is also an emerging area of research. You may decide the topic of international trade, exchange rates, international finance, import and export trends, etc.

  • Emerging topics

Economics has many new topics which are not being researched much. You can also go for emerging topics like neuro-economics, feminist economics, experimental economics, behavioral economics, ethics and economics, etc.

Economics is all related to resource allocation and outcome of anything. So, before choosing a topic for research, just read about all the areas of your interest. This will help you to get an overview of everything and you can easily decide your topic, or you can also outsource this task to a professional who will help you in deciding the topic by reducing your workload.

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