Checklist to Make a Great Homepage Video for Your Website

Nowadays, use of online videos for getting information is on peak. Putting a homepage video on your company’s website can help visitors to understand your goods or services in a better way.

Moreover, putting a video on your website’s homepage can increase the duration for which visitors stay on your website. This in turn will ensure that they aren’t just visiting your website, but are also exploring it.

In addition, it has been found by a research that putting a homepage video can boost the possibilities of being number one on Google by around 50 times in comparison to a text webpage. This guide will brief you some useful tips to design a homepage marketing video.

How to Make a Good Homepage Video?

  • To the Point and Precise

The video which you are going to put on your website should be short and informative. It should not contain any unnecessary information but rather it should have your key selling points.

Make the video in an informative yet promotional tone. Highlight your goods and services, particularly relating to your business specialization. Before investing make sure that information and details which you want to put in the video are apt.

  • Proper Placing

Make sure that you put the video on the front page of the website in such a way that it is visible to visitors. If you place the video in such a way that it’s difficult for visitors to access it in one go, it may not be fruitful. This is because the visitors will otherwise not put much effort to locate the video.

Moreover, make the video easy to see so that visitors don’t get irritated by searching for the video. It should have a catchy headline and a big play icon so that it’s not difficult to watch the video.

  • Put the Truth

Make sure that the information and facts which you are including on your homepage video are true. This is important because if the information you’re putting in the video is false, then you will lose reliability and credibility of your firm. Moreover, the content you’re putting should be engaging and not boring.

You should mention about the points people care about. Useless information will drive the visitors away from your homepage video. Additionally, don’t forget to put customer reviews in the video. Mentioning business firms with whom you have worked previously can be of great use.

  • Keep Following Up

Work doesn’t end by making the video and getting it live. It’s important that you keep testing it by using Google Analytics. Keep a track of the video’s performance. Data given by YouTube can also serve as a great measure of the video’s performance.

In case, you find that the response is not that good, you can make required amendments. You can conduct social media surveys to understand what is lacking in your video. Customer feedback are a great way to achieve success in every business domain.


Hope these tips will help you create a great homepage video.

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