How Can You Begin Your Essay In A Wrong Way – Avoid These Mistakes

Essay writing requires a good amount of skill and practice. Most of the students do not possess desired essay writing skills, so they end up committing mistakes in writing their composition. Learning about these errors will prevent you from doing it.

Wrong use of phrases

Sometimes students begin their essay with “According to” followed by the name of the author or any recognized book etc.

Giving ineffective reasons

When it comes to giving some valid reasons to hire a candidate for a post, some students write that “Other applicants are not that hard-working, attractive and committed as me.” Other strange things they write to compel judging panel to select them are:

  • There is no other option than to enroll me in the college as my lawyer dad would sue you for not selecting me.
  • A student may also use ways to beg to the judging committee. It has been found that some students also write “please accept me in the college. I am assuring that if you give me a chance I will achieve excellence in all the subjects.

Not writing on the provided topic

Instead of researching on the topic provided by the committee members, the student gives an excuse to write on it. They say that as the topic was hard to write, they are writing on their own chosen topic.

Meaningless replies

There can be different types of questions that are asked to a candidate to learn about their analytical and behavioral aspects and how perfect they would be for the job. Some students do not give much thought to these questions and fail to prepare the right answer. There are certain meaningless replies that every student should avoid.

  • Tell us about your greatest fear?

I am a fearless type of person and so I don’t find any point in writing this assignment.

  • Which is your favorite book?

I have not written any book as of now, but it would definitely be a magnificent idea!

Which are the right strategies to choose the best professional writing firm for an essay?

If you are finding essay composition quite difficult, then you can even get it online. There are several essay writing companies that provide you the access to a team of technically expert writers, editors and authors. Hiring their services will surely get you the most impressive and remarkable essays.

  • A professional writing firm has to have a good reputation
  • The writing service you choose should provide custom essays and should specialize in writing the paper for your academic level
  • It should keep your personal information private
  • Learn their background history, experience and quality of service
  • Do a thorough comparison between different writing companies before selecting one


You need to ensure that your essay is devoid of these mistakes. You might find these answers ridiculous and funny, but these are real replies of students preparing for college entrance exams. Learning the best strategies defined in the article would definitely improve the quality of your essay to a great extent.

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