3 Things Every User Demands in Purchasing Applications

You have a business and you want to expand to the web via mobile Apps.quickseries.com app. It makes sense for nearly all kinds of businesses—even those that aren’t mobile or web based. Mobile apps are trendy but they can also be extremely effective marketing tools if you know how to build them properly. And in order to build them properly, you have to know what users want and expect from them. When you know this, you will have a better chance of developing something they really want, which will increase your downloads and, ultimately, improve your business.

What Do Users Want from A mobile App

A Simple/Clean Mobile User Interface

The most important thing that users ask for in a mobile application is a simple and clean user interface. It might sound too obvious but this is the thing which frustrates more users more than anything else. According to Google, about 50 percent of web users say mobile apps are easier to use than the web while 31 percent say they prefer mobile sites over full sites.

A simple interface ensures that your vision statement is clear and that any information the user seeks is easy to acquire. Users want to feel in control of the app and the data, so the better you can restrict excess content the easier it will be for them to find they came for.2

Quick and Easy App Load Time

A whopping 46 percent of mobile users believe that mobile apps load faster than mobile web sites (regardless of whether or not this is actually true). But what is important about this is that 47 percent of users also say they prefer mobile apps to get quick, relevant information, over the web.

To measure how easy it is to use your app, you want to track these metrics:

Time spent per screen
User actions
percentage of users who click-through/move to the next screen
percentage of users who report performance errors
Quality Content Still Reigns Supreme
Speaking of quick, relevant information, quality content is another thing savvy mobile users demand from an app. However, you need to provide more than just words and pictures. No, Google says these types of content are the top reasons people download apps:

50 percent of users download an app for access to exclusive offers, discounts, or coupons
44 percent download an app specifically to track order status
38 percent use apps to review or manage a loyalty account

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